Seminar Schedule: Condensed

Victory of Light Expo
November 23 & 24, 2019 – 10am-7pm

Sharonville Convention Center (event location) 11355 Chester Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246

Featuring World Renowned Psychic Medium

Lisa Williams

“Talking with the Dead” TV Show!

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90 Seminars! All workshops take place on the lower level and are Free & One-Hour unless otherwise noted. Workshops with fees can be paid for in the seminar room as you walk in. Donations, where indicated, are appreciated but not mandatory for admittance.



SATURDAY – 11 am

A.  The Astrology of 2020 – Impact on the U.S. and its Citizens – Diane Marie Goetz, Astrologer. 

B.  Gallery Demonstration of Mediumship – Rev. Marjorie Rivera Kain & Susan Averre.,

C.  Megalithic Stone Sites: Connecting with the Energy Field of the Lemurian Civilization Patricia Morris Cardona, MS, APRN, BC, & Daniel J. Cardona, MD, The Cosmic Mysteries School.

D.  Five Keys to Boosting Your Psychic Abilities – C.B. Bjork.

E.  Clearing Blocks to Abundance, Love & Healing – Leslie Fonteyne.

F.  Spiritual Alchemy: Activating the Light Body Jeremy E. McDonald.

G.  Tibetan Buddhist Healing Ceremony – Tibetan Monks, GSL Monastery. (Suggested donation $10.)


A.  Messages from Spirit with Lisa Williams! (2 Hours, $65, includes admission to Victory of Light Expo!)  Tickets HERE or at the door if not sold out.

B.  Past Life Regression – Cindy Riggs. Experience a past lifetime!

C.  The Akashic Records: What They Are & Why It Matters – Jason Antalek. Using the Akashic Records to clear blocks and damaging cycles and behaviors.

D.  Spirit Plants: Folklore & Magic of Sacred Plants – Lynn Zukowski. Hear compelling stories about the magic of plants such as mugwort, wormwood, rue, yarrow, rose, St. John’s Wort and hawthorn.

E.  Ask Your Inner Compass – Joanne Franchina.  Experience the power of your wise inner self with two illuminating processes: in one, you will receive an answer to a specific question; in another, you will receive insights about an important area of your life.

F.  Crystals & the Emerald Tablets – Sandy H Wilcox. The Emerald Tablets written by Thoth around 36,000 B.C. describe the process of “direct knowledge” of reality.

G.  CBD Oil – Regina Bauscher.

H.  Energy Work for Self-Healing – Marilyn Lottman, CHEP. A 50 slide lecture.


A.  2019 World’s Largest Ghost Hunt: The Reveal – Maria Schmidt, Founder of National Ghost Hunting Day, World’s Largest Ghost Hunt and Haunted Journeys.,,
(1.5 Hours, Free.)

See the extraordinary photographs, audio and video evidence collected during the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt which took place around the globe on National Ghost Hunting Day, September 28, 2019.

B.  Current Astrology Forecast & Your Sun Sign – Pam Gallagher, Midwest School of Astrology, Author of Becoming Your Sun Sign.

C.  Crystal & Tibetan Bowls Meditation Concert – Ron Esposito. (Room 109)

D.  Shadow Work for Personal Transformation – Shaheen Miro. Learn what your “shadow” is, and how to work with it for personal transformation, healing and empowerment.

E.  Indigo Children – Indigo Star Nation – Irina Grundler.

F.  Connecting to Your Guidance – Lyra.

G.  Using Energy to Feel Better – Laura Gentner. Learn to use high vibrational energy to shift your energy and feel better!


A.  Journeying Between the Worlds: Native American Teachings & Practices Eagle Skyfire. (2 Hours, $20.)

B.  The Secret Power of You – Terrie Christine, Author, TV personality. (One hour, $20 Donation)

Learn to reprogram your mind and get the Universe to work with you. Experience a group energy clearing session.

Terrie Christine has been featured on: The Real Housewives of Potomac, Hay House Radio, Beyond The Ordinary, Straight Talk for the Soul, Quantum Conversations, My Seven Chakras, Path 11, The Transformation Show and many other shows.

C.  Bringing Spirit to Life: A Demonstration of Mediumship & Spirit Portraiture – Janette Kaye & Chad Seibert. Back by popular demand! An Incredible presentation of spirit messages with drawings of loved ones.,

D.  Extraterrestrial Contact, Earth’s Future & You  – Jeff Becker.

E.  Wielding the Power of the Universe – Kerri Kannan, author of Uncovering the Divine Within.

Kerri Kannan has a gift that allows her to ask the universe to facilitate change on behalf of anyone who listens to her and the Universe delivers: Financial windfalls, healed relationships, soul mate connections, business success and more.

F.  The Secret Language of Angels – Tina Michelle. 

G.  Drumming In The Ancestors & Loved Ones – Building a Memory Altar – Barbara Ilari. Feel free to bring altar items – flowers, plants, crystals, pictures as we remember our loved ones – and bells, rattles, or drums to participate in ceremony.


A.  Flowing through Grief: The Transformation of Life (with Messages!) – Lisa Williams. (3 Hours, $90 – includes admission to Victory of Light Expo!) Tickets HERE or at the door if not sold out.

B.   Shapeshifters – John Kachuba, author of many books on the paranormal, including his brand new title, Shapeshifters: A History. Shapeshifters are people who can transform into animals.

C.  Channeled Message from the Orion Council – Matt Peffly.

D.  Free Psychic Readings for Members of the Audience – Diana Rankin.

E.  Finding and Keeping the Love You Deserve – Rev. Jackie Barton.

F.  Zen & Genetic Testing: Understanding the Why – Jeff Hogrefe, R.Ph., AFAARM.

G.  Chinese Pulse Diagnosis – Dr. Peter Sheng. Using pulse pattern diagnosis to guide herbal therapy.


A.  Soulful Breathwork – Lynn Tisza. Learn how your breath can be a vehicle for your healing and transformation. (2 Hours, $20.)

B.  Animal & Spirit Guides: Who Are They & Why Are They Here? – Rev. Liz Madsen CNHP, RMT.

C.  Learn How to Play the Native American Flute – Douglas Blue Feather. Flutes provided.

D.  Connect To Your Inner Truth – Cheryl Bartenberger & Susan Renee Gibson. 

E.  Posture & Pain – How It Affects Your Body – Chantell Havens & Destiny Hurrigan. 

F.  Sharing Your Psychic Experiences & Finding Their Meaning For You – Tom Polson.


A.  Experience Reiki Healing! – Patricia Garry & Reiki Masters.

B.  Healing with Words & Water – Beckie J Neff. A life changing presentation for anyone looking for healing beyond medicine. 

C.  Communicate with your Guides, Dragons & Angels – Adrianna Rochelle.

D.  Accessing 5th Dimensional Consciousness – Shari Lynn.

E.  The LIIFT Secret to Quickly Healing Troubled Family Groups & Increasing Success for Businesses – Eastman, Brian.

SUNDAY – 11 am

A.  Tibetan Buddhist Healing Ceremony – Tibetan Monks of the GSL Monastery. (Suggested donation $10.)

B.  Suffering is Optional! Find the Root Cause of Your Symptoms – Debby Solomon.

C.  The Great Invocation – Mark Long, Share International. Experience the spiritual energies that flow when a potent service mantram – the Great Invocation – is sounded aloud to begin a group meditation.

D.  Lightbody Ascension & Dragons – Sarah Schweitzer.

E.  Discover How the German BEMER Device Improves Health & Happiness – Frank Gillespie and Brian Eastman.,


A.  Messages from Spirit with Lisa Williams! (2 Hours, $65, includes admission to Victory of Light Expo!)  Tickets HERE or at the door if not sold out.

B.  How a Past Life Trauma Affects Your Present Life – Consuelo Cassotti.

C.  The Magic & Mystery of the Bog – Thomas Freese, author of Tree Spirits and Wood Wisdom. Learn about ancient bog wood and the history and lore of bogs. 

D.  Self-Care for the Soul – Joanne Franchina. Experience a powerful group process to discover what your spirit craves most.

E.  Messages from Loved Ones: Experience a Spiritualist Church Service – Rev. Michael Schlotterbeck & USCL (United Spiritualists of the Christ Light) Church.

F. Soul Connections with Your Animals – Linda Roberts.

G.  Electromagnetic Field Balancing  Session – Irina Grundler.

H.  Crystals in the 5th Dimension – Jean Tindle.

SUNDAY – 1 pm

A.  Shapeshifters – John Kachuba, author of Shapeshifters: A History. Shapeshifters are people who can transform into animals.

B.  Journey of the Soul – Eagle Skyfire. Eagle Skyfire shares with you Native American teachings about the journey of the soul, reincarnation, and karma.

C.  Wielding the Power of the Universe – Kerri Kannan, Author of Uncovering the Divine Within

Kerri Kannan has a gift that allows her to ask the universe to facilitate change on behalf of anyone who listens to her and the Universe delivers: Financial windfalls, healed relationships, soul mate connections, business success and more.

D.  2020 Astrology: Jupiter & Saturn Conjunct In Aquarius – Jenni Webb.

E.  Flower Essences: Are You Ready to Soar Into the Expanded Reality Of Your Soul? – Aimee Zimmerman.

F.  Uniting In The Light: The Alchemy of Spiritual Transformation – Sheikha Maryam Kabeer.

G.  Ancestral Lineage Cleansing for Personal Growth – Mary Bannon.

SUNDAY – 2 pm

A.  Ask A Psychic – Victor Paruta. Mini-readings for the audience from the founder of Victory of Light.

B.  Working with the Elementals: Faeries, Salamanders, Undines and Gnomes – Francine Haydon, Robin Stapp & Monica Vance.,

C.  The Rising of the Divine Feminine – Christine Alexandria.

D.  How To Have A Better Relationship With Your Pets – Kathryn Barajas Bjork. An animal communicator’s perspective on creating synergy within the human and pet dynamic.

E.  I Am That – Living in the Heart – Chuck Reynolds. The fast track to Awakening.

F.  Heal The Present With The Past – Learning From Your Former Self – Hailey A. Hinson.

G.  Essential Oils for the Holiday Season – Ryan Dietz, Natural Options Aromatherapy. Free 5 ml holiday blend to the first 50 people.

H.  Live an Abundant Life From the Inside Out – Michele Sammons.

SUNDAY – 3 pm

A.  Live-Channeled Workshop: The Lord Speaks On How To Hear The Voice Of God & Receive Your Gifts – Wendy Cleveland. (2 Hours, $10 Donation)

B.  Clearing Negative Energy: A Demonstration of Smudging & Other Clearing Techniques – Angie Clark.

C.  Discover & Communicate with Your Animal Spirit Guide – Nada Maibach.

D.  Mediumship in Paranormal Investigations – Scotty Rorek.

E.  Anat – War Goddess of the Hebrew – Elisheva Nesher. Who was Anat? How can we use her energy in these days of “me too”?

F.  The 3 Things You Need to Know Before Using CBD Oil – Celeste, Maria.

G.  Ways to Raise Your Frequency & Maintain A Higher Level – Carol Gailey, Certified Master Sound Therapist and Teacher. 

SUNDAY – 4 pm

A.  Working With Your Spirit Guides Rose Vanden Eynden.

B. On The Other Hand, Your Days Are Numbered! – Palmistry & Numerology – Heidi E. Kent & Marsha G. Cook.

C.  Finding Alignment On Your Path: A Guided Meditation & Exploration of the 3rd & 7th Chakras – Tara Alexandria.

D.  Hearing Voices & Other Extreme Psychic Phenomena: The Meaning for Us – Tom Polson.

SUNDAY – 5 pm

A.  The Ability Rainbow – Sherrie L Milot & Dimitri Kaplanis. Colors in the energy field reveal one’s talents and gifts.

B.  The Galactic Federation & Me: Stepping Into the Intergalactic Community – Kimiya Kaluba. 

Victory of Light Psychic Festival

April  4 & 5, 2020
10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Sharonville Convention Center
11355 Chester Road
Cincinnati, Ohio  45246
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Victor Paruta

Victor Paruta, Psychic Medium, is available for Readings, Parties and Events. LINK HERE.

Victory of Light on TV!

“I look forward to this wonderful event and have such a great time. I really enjoy the sessions; they are always informative and give me insight to new ways of thinking and opening up to our endless possibilities. Thank you for having such an event that has helped me put pieces together and helped make things make more sense in my life!”

“Thank you again for an incredible weekend! The speakers were fabulous, the vendors and psychics were amazing as always. Thank you for paving the way for others to become more awakened and enlightened!!!”