Seminar Schedule: Condensed

Victory of Light Expo
April 4 & 5, 2020 – 10am-7pm

Sharonville Convention Center (event location) 11355 Chester Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246



90 Seminars! All workshops take place on the lower level and are Free & One-Hour unless otherwise noted. Workshops with fees can be paid for in the seminar room as you walk in. Donations, where indicated, are appreciated but not mandatory for admittance.


SATURDAY – 11 am

A.  Angelic Attunements – Mary Bannon. Attune to the power of the angelic realm, with a meditation to bring in the Light of God. (Room 101)

B.  Gallery Demonstration of Mediumship – Rev. Marjorie Rivera Kain & Susan Averre., (Room 103-104)

C.  The Mayan Calendar: How the Maya Understood Time, the Cosmos & Ascension – Patricia Morris Cardona, MS, APRN, BC, & Daniel J. Cardona, MD, The Cosmic Mysteries School. (Room

D.  Venus & Mars Retrograde 2020 – Jenni Webb. (Room 107-108)

E.  Your Personal Spirit Guides – Rose Vanden Eynden. Includes messages for the audience. (Room 105)

F.  Animal Communication – Linda Roberts. (Room 109)

G.  Tibetan Buddhist Healing Ceremony – Tibetan Monks, GSL Monastery. (Suggested donation $10.) (Room 110)


A.  Direct Voice Trance Mediumship Demonstration – Rev. Bonnie Darby. Experience trance mediumship in the style of Edgar Cayce. Rev. Darby will go into trance and channel guides and loved ones, and answer your questions., (Room 103-104)

B.  The Secret Power of You – Unleashing Your Subconscious Super Powers – Terrie Christine, Author, TV Personality. Learn to work with your subconscious to change your life. (Room 101)

C.  Tower Card Moments: Opportunities for Awakening – Stephanie Smith. (Room 110)

D.  Crystals: Change Your Vibration, Change Your Life – Sandy H Wilcox. (Room 106)

E.  Abundance: Planting the Seeds for Your Best Life Now! – Leslie Fonteyne. (Room 105)

F.  A Consumer’s Guide to CBD – Separate Fact from Fiction – Regina Bauscher. (Room 107-108)

G.  Thermography 101: Screening for Inflammation – Jacky Groenewegen. Safe state-of-the-art screening procedure that locates disease-causing inflammation in the body. (Room 102) SATURDAY – 1 pm

A.  Harmonizing Sound Bath (Concert) – with Gongs, Singing Bowls, Didgeridoo & more! – Max Raphael of True Resonance. (One hour, Love Donation) (Room 109)

B.  Astrology & the 2020 Election: Changing Times – Pam Gallagher, Midwest School of Astrology. (Room 110)

C.  Relationships from an Akashic Perspective: Soul Families, Soul Mates, Twin Flames & Much More – Irina Grundler. (Room 102)

D.  How to Balance Your Chakras & Aura Field – Lyra. (Room 101)

E.  Types of Dreams & Why They Matter – Patti Rippe. (Room 105)

F.  Psychic Gifts & How To Use Them In Your Daily Life – Scotty Rorek. (Room 103-104)

G.  Practical Magic: Plants for Clearing, Cleansing & Protection – Lynn Zukowski. (Room 107-108)

H.  Aromatherapy for Wellness – Ryan Dietz, Natural Options Aromatherapy. (Room 106)

2 pm

A.  Past Lives & Your Future – Eagle Skyfire. Remember significant past lives. (2 Hours, $20.) (Room 101)

B.  Ireland’s Most Spiritual Places – Mai Hernon of Secret Ireland Tours. (Room 102)

C.  Live Channeling of All That Is – Nada Maibach. Learn about your connection to oneness and who you are. (Room 105)

D.  Extraterrestrial Contact, Earth’s Future & You – Jeff Becker. (Room 110)

E.  Opening the 3rd Eye: A Healing Meditation for the 3rd & 6th Chakras – Tara Alexandria. (Room 103-104)

F.  Spontaneous Healings – Cheryl Bartenberger & Susan Renee Gibson. In a moment, healing can take place. With group healing., (Room 106)

G.  Crystal Surgery & the Future of Crystal Healing – Vivien Schapera, author of the brand new textbook, The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery. (Room 107-108)

3 pm

A.  Meet Your Power Animal – Bluehawks Stec. (Room 103-104)

B.  Prana (Energy): May the Life Force be with You! – Stephanie Toney & Joanne Franchina. Do fun energy experiments, learn simple self-healing techniques & experience a galactic meditation for peace. (2 hour, Love Offering Donation for Matthew 25 Ministries & Seva Circle),, (Room 110)

C.  Heiroglyphic Oracles: Words of Magic – Normandi Ellis. Normandi will give insights into the symbols and meanings of the Egyptian hieroglyphs and offer hieroglyphic readings for members of the audience from her new Oracle of Seshet. (Room 102)

D.  Manifest Your Desires NOW! – Tarak Uday. Learn the mechanics of manifestation and how to consciously improve your power. (Room 105)

E.  Psychic Development Q & A – C.B. Bjork, Psychic. Your questions answered! (Room 109)

F.  Intro to ThetaHealing® Meditation – Dr. Divya Sadaram. One of the most powerful, quick and effective meditation techniques (Room 106)

G.  Using Ears for Diagnosis & Treatment – Peter Sheng, M.D. (Room 107-108)

4 pm

A.  Messages from Beyond – Adrianna Rochelle. (Room 103-104)

B.  Aura & Chakra Reading – Rev. Jackie Barton. (Room 102)

C.  Learn How to Play the Native American Flute – Douglas Blue Feather. Flutes provided. (Room 107-108)

D.  Staying In the Moment: Improvisation for Energy Work, Intuition & Daily Living – Letha Cupp. (Room 109)

E.  Meditation: The Benefits, Obstacles & Solutions – Jen Mac. (Room 106)

F.  Calm Your Negative Mind Chatter – Heidi E. Kent & Marsha G. Cook. (Room 105)

G.  Intense Healing Energy Vortex – Christa Lynn. (Room 101)

5 pm

A.  Experience Reiki Healing! – Patricia Garry & Reiki Masters. (Room 101)

B.  Transformational Coaching & Endless Opportunities – Dr. Gary Pekoe. (Room 102)

C.  Mother of Aliens: A Story From Inside the Hybridization Program – Kimiya Kaluba. (Room 110)

D.  Share Your Paranormal Experience & Investigate It – Tom Polson. (Room 105)

E.  Heal Hidden Causes of Money Troubles with LIIFT – Brian Eastman. (Room 106)

11 am

A.  Tibetan Buddhist Healing Ceremony – Tibetan Monks of the GSL Monastery. (Suggested donation $10.) (Room 110)

B.  Light Body Ascension Phase 2: Ascending the 3D Physical Body – Sarah Schweitzer. (Room 102)

C.  The Ascended Masters – Mark Long, Share International. (Room 101)

D.  Tuning Forks & Your Health – Carol Gailey, Certified Master Sound Therapist and Teacher. (Room 105)

E.  How the BEMER Device Improves Health & Happiness – Frank Gillespie and Brian Eastman., (Room 106)


A.  The Akashic Records: What They Are, Why They Matter, How to Get There! – Jason Antalek. Using the Akashic Records to clear blocks and damaging cycles and behaviors. (Room 101)

B.  Paranormal Investigating 101 – Ashlee St. Denis and Spiritual Realm Paranormal Investigators. (2 HR. Free) (Room 110)

C.  Secrets of the World’s Oldest Temple: Gobekli Tepe, 10,000 BC – Zeynep Yilmaz. (Room 107-108)

D.  Personal Mediumship – Rose Vanden Eynden & Joanne Franchina. Discover the joys of connecting with Spirit as you learn how to speak with your loved ones, guides, and angels., (Room 103-104)

E.  Discover Your Psychic Gifts – Tina Michelle. (Room 102)

F.  Clearing Negative Energy: A Demonstration of Smudging & Other Clearing Techniques – Angie Clark. (Room 105)

G.  A Conversation with Dis-ease – Heidi Bright, M.Div., author of Thriver Soup. With guided meditation for healing. (Room 106)

1 pm

A.  Crystal & Tibetan Bowls Meditation Concert – Ron Esposito. (Room 109)

B.  Past Life Regression – Cindy Riggs. (Room 103-104)

C.  Visitors From Other Dimensions – Thomas Freese, author. (Room 102)

D.  Messages from Loved Ones: Experience a Spiritualist Church Service – Rev. Michael Schlotterbeck & USCL (United Spiritualists of the Christ Light) Church. (Room 105)

E.  What Our Pets Teach Us About Love – Kathryn Barajas Bjork, Animal Communicator. An a insightful presentation designed to help you have a better connection with your pet. (Room 101)

F.  Everyday Posture – Is It Causing More Harm Than Good? – Chantell Havens & Destiny Hurrigan. (Room 107-108)

G.  Release Trauma & Heal Your Body – Consuelo Cassotti. (Room 106)

2 pm

A.  The Two Mediums: Victor Paruta & Chad Seibert. Spirit Messages from two of Cincinnati’s most renowned mediums. Victor is the founder of Victory of Light!, (Room 103-104)

B.  editation to Release Challenges in Your Life – Chuck Reynolds. (Room 101)

C.  Animal Communication – Rev. Liz Madsen CNHP, RMT. (Room 102)

D.  The Ashtar Command (ET Group) – Joy Elaine. Board a command ship and receive enlightenment gifts from your future self. (Room 105)

E.  Self-Knowing & the Laws of Manifestation – Julianna Kallas. How knowing yourself affects the laws of manifestation. (Room 107-108)

F.  The Magic of Egypt for Everyday Goddesses – Amy Auset Rohn. Learn about the most powerful Egyptian deities and how to invoke them to assist you in every area of your life. (Room 110)

G.  Live-Channeled Workshop: The Lord Speaks – Wendy Cleveland. (Room 106)

3 pm

A.  Wisdom of the Angelic Realm with Gallery Readings – Christine Alexandria. (Room 103-104)

B.  Venus & Mars – What You Love & How You Get It – Diane Marie Goetz, Astrologer. (Room 102)

C.  Journey to Loved Ones & Guides in Spirit through your Sacred Heart – Kathy Riepen Baker. (Room 101)

D.  A Trip to your Akashic Record Hall for Healing – Jill Mattson. A Channeled Session of St. Germain, Jesus, Melchizedek and others. (Room 107-108)

E.  Channeled Message from the Orion Council – Matt Peffly. (Room 105)

F.  You Are Sacred – A Meditation & Divination Deck of 33 Goddesses – Patricia Garry. (Room 110)

G.  Experience a Healing Energy Circle – Laura Gentner. Join Laura and create a healing circle as we play, heal and soar in Divine energy! (Room 106)

4 pm

A.  Tower Card Moments: Opportunities for Awakening – Stephanie Smith. (Room 101)

B.  Stones for 5th Dimensional Energy – Jean Tindle. Crystals that can help you integrate the energies coming onto the Earth right now. (Room 106)

C.  Life after Death – Hailey Hinson. (Room 102)

D.  The Alchemy of Transformation on the Sufi Path – Sheikha Maryam Kabeer. (Room 105)

E.  Asherah – The Hebrew Mother Goddess – EliSheva Nesher. The Hebrew have a lot to teach men and women of today. (Room 110)

F.  Celtic Divination: Reviving the Ancient Art of Ribbon Reading – Eric Layman. (Room 107-108)

5 pm

A.  Jesus Christ from the Perspective of a Voice Hearer – Tom Polson. (Room 105)

B.  Using Magic Wands – R. A. Moonhawk. Brief history of wands, their uses & a demonstration. (Room 101)

C.  Want to Write a Book but Don’t Know Where to Start? – Christina Young. (Room 102)

D.  The Ability Rainbow – Sherrie L Milot & Dimitri Kaplanis. Colors in the energy field reveal one’s talents and gifts.

Victory of Light Psychic Festival

November 20 & 21, 2021
10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Sharonville Convention Center
11355 Chester Road
Cincinnati, Ohio  45246
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Victor Paruta

Victor Paruta, Psychic Medium, is available for Readings, Parties and Events. LINK HERE.

Victory of Light on TV!

“I look forward to this wonderful event and have such a great time. I really enjoy the sessions; they are always informative and give me insight to new ways of thinking and opening up to our endless possibilities. Thank you for having such an event that has helped me put pieces together and helped make things make more sense in my life!”

“Thank you again for an incredible weekend! The speakers were fabulous, the vendors and psychics were amazing as always. Thank you for paving the way for others to become more awakened and enlightened!!!”