About Victory of Light

About Victory of Light!

The Victory of Light Psychic Festival is one of the Midwest’s largest Body, Mind & Spirit events!

From its small beginning to the event that now draws thousands of visitors from all over the country, the Victory of Light Psychic Festival continues to enlighten and meet the spiritual needs of young and old.

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Once again I went to a place of Love and Light (Victory of Light), and once again I danced with Angels. Thank you Victor, for being a change agent for Light in our lives. I am ready for everyone else’s Holiday of Thanksgiving and Christmas. In Gratitude. Namaste.”

How do you and your team do it, Victor Paruta? So many, many (many!) lives have been blessed due to the Victory of Light Expo. I for one am grateful that this event has been under your guiding hands and heart for so many years… Thank you!!!

From Founder and Executive Director, Victor Paruta:

Victor Paruta, Founder

The Victory of Light Psychic Festival was established in 1992 to showcase the world of psychic sciences and intuitive arts. Many call it one of the country’s highest quality psychic fairs.

It provides a venue for national and regional spiritual teachers, readers, healers and vendors.

The festival is designed for the general public and is appropriate as a family event.

Our Story

I received the initial idea for the psychic festival from a psychic during a reading. Out-of-the-blue my reader remarked that I should do a psychic fair. I liked the idea and decided to get a group of spiritual friends involved. We sat around in a circle one night, meditated and brainstormed. Everyone had ideas, and the Victory of Light Psychic Fair was born.

We booked a space at a nice hotel, did a mailing to every psychic, healer, and vendor we knew of, sent out press releases and got some attention from the local media. The crowd poured in that first Sunday and everyone was busy. The spiritual energy was high and kept building throughout the day.

By early afternoon, a vortex started forming in the center of the room. An angelic being appeared in the vortex, its healing light flowing through the space in large, undulating waves. I found myself sitting in the hall with a lot of other people who were in bliss, as was I. The space was filled with divine light.

The fairs grew year by year, each its own spiritual experience. We outgrew the hotel and moved to the Cincinnati Convention Center where we added live music and started calling our event a festival. Now, the Victory of Light Psychic Festival takes place at the Sharonville Convention Center the weekend before Thanksgiving and the first or second weekend in April. We are proud of the success and popularity of the two-day festival, which draws nationally-known presenters and thousands of visitors, and has provided a quality venue for the region’s most inspiring spiritual teachers, readers, vendors and healers.

I look forward to seeing you at the Festival!

” I look forward to this wonderful event and have such a great time. I really enjoy the sessions; they are always informative and give me insight to new ways of thinking and opening up to our endless possibilities. Thank you for having such an event that has helped me put pieces together and helped make things make more sense in my life!”

Thank you for another great show, Victor Paruta! Appreciate you and your entire team, and all the work that goes into creating an environment where healing and magic happens, and so many lives are transformed.”

Victory of Light Psychic Festival

November 20 & 21, 2021
10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Sharonville Convention Center
11355 Chester Road
Cincinnati, Ohio  45246
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Victor Paruta

Victor Paruta, Psychic Medium, is available for Readings, Parties and Events. LINK HERE.

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